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Hairac's Commission Prices: Css, Drawings, Logos

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 13, 2011, 7:04 AM

Journal Skin | Digital Drawings | Logos



:star-empty: waiting payment
:star-half: sketching
:star: Linearting
:star::star: Coloring

gotechnophile (colored drawing + web design) :star-half:

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat
Paypal fee for transaction:
For EUR € 3,4% + €0,35
For USD $ 3,9% + $0,30
FOR GBP £ 3,9% + £0,20

You'll see only EUR prices because currency exchange vary a lot so afeter loosing a bunch of money I decided to change my policy and accept only EUR payment. But don't worry, paypal will do the exchange for you so you just need to give me your paypall addres.

Panda Design by Hairac da7 Journal Skin by Hairac Blue CSS Skin by Hairac Requiem Collab by Hairac

:bulletblue: 1. CHOOSE A BASE POINT:

:pointr: Base: 600 :points: / 5 €
Include coding a journal without using any images, just colors and css or with a design made by you. The base price include the following spaces: Journal title+date, text, link to comments, mood.

:pointr: Design: 1100 :points: / 10 €
Include designing and coding a journal with stock images, just one sample which can have small changes, if you want more samples to choose from we can discuss the price. If you want a drawing by me to be included you'll have to ADD the price of the drawing commish. The base price include the following spaces: Journal title+date, text, link to comments, mood.
Sample: all my actual design.

:bulletblue: 2. CHOOSE THE FEATURES:

:pointr: Column: 500 :points: / 4 €
A vertical right or left column for links, or features, or something else.

:pointr: Top bar: 600 :points: / 5 €
An horizontal bar for links. Included in the price you could ask for the image-style for links (one link&hover set, read the feature below for info).

:pointr: Button image instead of text link: 400 :points: / 3 €
using a background image for links and roll-hover effect. Price intended for each unique image-set (link and hover). You could have a different image-set for each link. (for example a star for first link, a circle for the second, a triangle for the third etc...)

:pointr: Content Box: 400 :points: / 3 €
A box for contents, could be a main or sub box. For example you can have a main box for your jurnal's text, and inside the main box a sub-box for other sub-content. The price is intended for one box.

:pointr: Subtitle: 150 :points: / 1 €
An image for the subtitle text of just one line.

:pointr: Quote: 400 :points: / 3 €
A background image (or other design) for the multi-line quoted text.

:pointr: Drop down menù: 1000 :points: / 8 €
A menù where when you go with mouse over the links, appear a new vertical sub-menù

Other features or changes will be discussed privatly.
See my coding works:…

These prices don't include a background and are intended for a non commercial use, you also allow me to use for my portfolio. If you don't want so, the price will grow.
Commissioned pieces won't be resold or printed in art books, that's mean that I don't earn extra money from them. I won't send the psd file.

:bulletblue: Sketch :bulletblue:
LimeDolly - 25.000 Kiriba by Hairac Kiriban 20.000: Leo+Howarang by Hairac
Full Body:
1100 :points: /
5.00 €
Half Body/CloseUp:
900 :points: /
3.00 €
Added characters:
1600 :points: /
3.00 €

:bulletblue: Lineart :bulletblue:
Vanessa Lake Fanart Lines by Hairac 5555 Kiriban by Hairac
Full Body:
1100 :points: /
10.00 €
Half Body/CloseUp:
900 :points: /
8.00 €
Added characters:
800 :points: /
7.00 €

:bulletblue: Black&White Shading :bulletblue:
*samples to come*
Full Body:
2200 :points: /
20.00 €
Half Body/CloseUp:
1600 :points: /
15.00 €
Added characters:
1600 :points: /
15.00 €

:bulletblue: Colored Piece :bulletblue:
Elf of Sandwich by Hairac

Mature Content

Spirits of Passion by Hairac

Mature Content

Blair The CatWitch by Hairac
Old Times To Remember by Hairac

Mature Content

gotechnophile commission - censured by Hairac

Full Body:
3200 :points: /
30.00 €
Half Body/CloseUp:
2600 :points: /
25.00 €
Added characters:
1600 :points: /
20.00 €

:bulletblue: Background :bulletblue:
to be included in character drawings or just as stand-alone
600 :points: /
Simple backgrounds are those which don't require more than some brush strokes or pattern use, and no perspective.

1100-1600 :points: /
10-15.00 €
Averange bgs are like these, normal perspective use, like a room, or small external spaces.

1600-3200 :points: /
15-30.00 €
When you need a large portion of background, like mountains and forests or small city-scape.

High Details:
1600-3200 :points: /
30-50.00 €
Lot of details needed, as libraries, large-futuristic city-scapes, wide forests.

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:
:pointr: Size: A3, 300 dpi max.
:pointr: Background prices to be discussed.
:pointr: For feather wings or a lot of fur there's a fee of 25%
:pointr: If you want a special design with an high amount of details price need to be discussed.

:bulletgreen: Accepted :bulletgreen:
:pointr: Yuri/yaoi
:pointr: Erotic/hentai
:pointr: Violence/gore on human adults.

:bulletred: Not Allowed :bulletred:
:pointr: Children and Animal extreme violence
:pointr: sexual raping Logo by Hairac Logo Practice by Hairac Nordas 2 by Hairac

:bulletblue: Cheap :bulletblue:
One design with no choice
15 € - 25 € (19.50$-32.50$ / 12.50£-21.00£)

:bulletblue: Fair :bulletblue:
You can choose between 2 black&white design then you get the colored version of the choosen logo.
30 € - 50 € (37.00$-62.00$ / 24.00£-40.00£)

:bulletblue: Pro :bulletblue:
You can choose between 3 black&white design then you can choose again between 2-3 colored version of the choosen black&white logo. If you don't want more than one colored version (if you're very sure about colors) you can convert it in 1 additional black&white design. If you want more than 4 design, will add 15€.
60 € - 100 € (74.50$-124.00$ / 48.00£-80.50£)

:pointr: You receive this file in a zip: .psd (or .ai) & .png. More file type (or raster image size) can be asked without fee.
:pointr: Preview are send in .jpg with black and white background.
:pointr: You can have small changes until your satisfaction.
:pointr: Once you say it's ok i'll send you the vector file and no more changes can be done.
:pointr: Payments must be done before I start the work.
:pointr: The time needed is 1 week maximum.

Last Logos:…

  • Mood: Joy
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TheJadedJay Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
Hey there... I bought a commission off you before, though I doubt you remember me. 
Would you be open to a commission to fix a code?
After the last update my gallery CSS was broken. I can't figure out how to fix it and it is the cause of some distress for me at the moment.
If this is possible what would the cost be?
Thank you.
AzeeraTheNinja Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I'm going to have to save up for these... :giggle:
Hairac Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
:love: aww thank you!!
AzeeraTheNinja Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Student Interface Designer
No problem! I love your skins! :)
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LemonJuiicee Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010   Digital Artist

Hello. :meow:

If your 50x50 point commisons are open, can I get one of : [link] ?

Like, blink twice and then smile a little.

Or Blink twice, close eyes and go : :meow:
Well, the mouth expression. Blushing though a bit.W

I don't care which one you do - I'll pay 30 in points. :]
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HasNoClue Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:la: hey Id like to know how mouch would it be for an animated avatar, something lie my current avatar but in pixel art, and animated.
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